Pool Heating with Solar Energy

Imagine the possibilities? Natural, sustainable warm water!

SolarSwim’s primary goal is to provide warm, rich and fulfilling summer pool environments for your friends and family. By using the abundant free energy of the sun as your principal heat source, we can keep your loved ones in the pool while you keep your hard earned money in your pocket.

​​​Q 1: Why heat my pool?​

  • Gain Control over When and How you use your Pool.
  • Increase Exercise, Entertainment opportunities and Wellness.
  • Face it: Most Pools are Often just too Cold to Enjoy.
  • Provide a Centerpiece for Outdoor Living and Enhanced Quality of Life.
  • Bring your Backyard to Life! Everyone loves a Heated Pool!

​​​Q 2. Why choose solar?

  • One time Low Cost Investment.
  • Environmentally Responsible and truly Sustainable.
  • Easy to own with Simple Automated Operation
  • Low Maintenance and Long 20+ years Service Life.
  • You may Have a Perfect Location for the Collectors.

​​​Q 3. How well do they work?

  • Solar can Heat your Pool as Well as Gas and Better than Electric units.
  • Most Pools can Maintain steady Temperatures over 84 Degrees
  • By Automatically Heating all Day, every Day, your Pool simply stays Warm
  • A Solar Heated Pool will always be the Warmest in your Neighborhood.

​​​Q 4. How does solar heating compare to gas and electric heaters?

  • Gas and Electric Heaters need Constant and Costly Maintenance.
  • Gas and Electric do Nothing to Minimize your Carbon Footprint.
  • Gas and Electric Heaters are turned off more than on due to the High cost of Fuel.
  • Gas and Electric Heaters leave you Wanting for More. Solar Satisfies!

​Q 5. Will solar require regular, costly  maintenance?

  • Properly Designed Systems Drain Back to Pool Automatically.
  • Once Yearly Winter blow out of System Pipes is all that’s Required..
  • Heliocol System Components are Guaranteed for 12 Full Years.
  • A Quality Installation is Key to Long Life and Low Maintenance.

​Q 6. Are they ugly?

  • Unglazed, Frameless Collectors do not draw Attention.
  • Professional Installations Incorporate a Uniform Color.
  • Panels do not have to face South; and can often be Hidden from View.
  • A Pool that’s too cold to enjoy is your Real Eyesore

​Q 7. Are these systems a good investment?

  • Solar is the Least Expensive Pool Heating system Available
  • Fixed low System Cost with Zero Operating Costs.
  • Shortest Payback and Highest Return on Investment
  • Pool Heating is most successful use of all Solar Technologies
  • Solar Energy Systems are Tax Exempt in New Jersey.

​Q 8. How much do these systems cost?

  • About the Same as a Gas Heater and the First Year of Gas.
  • About the Same as an Electric Heat Pump, Before the Costs of Electric.
  • Solar Heating Systems add as Little as 5% to your Overall Pool Investment.
  • Rough Estimates are approx $10./per Sq Foot of Pool Surface Area.

​Q 9. What other ways can I save money while increasing pool enjoyment?

  • Energy Efficient Pumps cut Electric costs $300-$500. Per Season!
  • Pump Electrical Savings can off-set the Costs of a Solar Heating System!
  • Rooftop Solar Collectors Intercept Radiant Heat, Lowering AC Demand and Costs!
  • 2 inch Plumbing and Intelligent Manifolds can Reduce Filter Runtimes.
  • A Night Time Pool Blanket will Reduce Heat, Water and Chemical Losses.

​Q 10. So what's in it for me?

  • Increased Exercise and Wellness or just Relax and Unwind.
  • The whole family gets to use and enjoy the pool.
  • Increase your outdoor living and Entertaining opportunities
  • Make a bold statement about your style and quality of life.
  • Your days of Blue Lips and Chills can be Over!