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We cannot continue to run our pools the way our daddy did

Dad's Pool

The way they used to build and run pools was based upon cheap sources of energy.

Now that energy has become an ever-increasing part of our household expenses, we cannot continue to run our pools the way our daddy did. If you are reading this, then I think you have realized that you need to change a few things, within reason, of course about how you view your pool.

Solar Pool Heating

A few intelligent dollars invested can go a long way in decreasing your costs while increasing your pool use and enjoyment. Solar pool heating is a quality of life investment while energy-efficient pumps are an energy/money savings investment. It is not unusual for our company to offer a solar heating system and then demonstrate that the savings generated by intelligent manifolds and an energy-efficient pump installation can offset the cost of the solar installation!

The choice is yours: a 2hp pump that burns itself up every few years on an ice-cold pool or a naturally heated pool and an energy-sipping, long-lasting pump at a lower monthly cost of operation.

Make sure you check out our newest page about swimming pool energy consumption. Some of the information there will shock and surprise you. This page is recommended reading for anyone owning or contemplating a pool, should take only about 15 minutes to read and can result in thousands of dollars in savings and increased overall quality of life for your family.