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Swimming Pool Energy Consumption (SPEC)

Swimming Pool Energy Consumption

“What I learned on my summer vocation”

Let’s have a look at energy efficiency and consumption from the swimming pool standpoint, referred to simply as SPEC. throughout this discussion (S. P. E. C. – Swimming Pool Energy Consumption).

Such considerations may seem silly to some, an oxymoron of sorts to others. Who in their right mind, conscious of energy consumption and efficiency in their household would even consider installing or embracing a swimming pool? After all, pools are notoriously energy inefficient, expensive to own and operate and will never help reduce your consumption of energy.

Although pools have been built this way with little change for the last 60 years, the conscientious homeowner can now look forward to more choices than ever in their ability to balance costs vs. the many potential rewards of pool ownership; leading ultimately to an improved quality of life. Let’s look at some ways for the savvy consumer to tip the scales in his favor and make pool ownership a prospect where the many positives can grossly outweigh the few negatives of a well-designed pool.

Just because you happen to already have or want a pool doesn’t mean you should turn your back on the prospect of energy efficiency. The fact that your pool only runs for half a year or less doesn’t mean that you need not strive to have it run it in the least expensive, most efficient way possible. There are many steps you can take whether your pool is merely a pre-installation concept or you are considering a re-fit of an older pool with modern efficient equipment. For starters, we have listed some of the design parameters and equipment choices that will contribute to the lowest cost of ownership regardless of the age of your pool.

Of course you can save energy by disabling your heater and reducing your filtration cycle but what good is all the effort and expense that goes into pool ownership if the pool is just too cold and dirty to enjoy most of the time? Balance is key to successful pool ownership through maximum enjoyment and minimum cost.